Silverfort Announces Partnership with GVX Consulting to Deliver Unified Identity Platform Solutions in the UK, Philippine, and ASEAN Markets

by | May 9, 2022

As part of its digital transformation services, GVX Consulting’s key milestone is to ensure that its client’s assets are protected from potential attackers during the transition process. Identity attacks are on the rise and compromised credentials are being used in almost every data breach, existing authentication and access solutions are unable to tackle this situation as each of them only sees one piece of the puzzle – either web applications only, VPN gateway only or one user type only. This makes it ineffective to detect such attacks and makes many critical assets that are being targeted every day vulnerable, which currently, no other authentication solution addresses.

Silverfort’s Unified Identity Threat Protection Platform seamlessly applies an added layer of protection on top of existing authentication protocols, thus eliminating the need to deploy any agents and proxies or make changes to existing servers and applications. The platform’s benefits include:

  • Extending multi-factor authentication for systems that couldn’t be protected before. For example, homegrown and legacy applications, IT infrastructure, file systems and databases, industrial control systems, and even admin interfaces such as command-line tools that allow attackers to split across the network and cannot be stopped by existing solutions.
  • Protecting service accounts used for machine-to-machine access that are highly privileged are being targeted by attackers all the time. The platform automatically discovers them and continuously monitors them while actively protecting them without having to modify them or provide any passwords.
  • Enforcing risk-based authentication and zero trust policies across all users, systems, and environments in a unified matter by analyzing and profiling the access patterns of every user and device, not only in the initial login to the network but also continuously across all the different environments to prevent account takeover and lateral movement.
  • Enabling organizations to manage and migrate all their assets securely to the cloud-native identity solution without having to modify or integrate them.

Silverfort’s agentless and proxy less technology solution allows GVX clients to consolidate their identity protection across all their systems and environments. This in turn reduces the organization’s operational costs, improves user experience, and realistic protection against identity attacks is enhanced.

For any questions about the partnership or if you’d like a walk through demo of the platform, contact us directly at [email protected].


Silverfort pioneers the first Identity Threat Protection platform that was purpose built for real time prevention, detection, and response of attacks that employ compromised credentials to access targeted resources. Utilizing an agentless and proxyless technology, Silverfort integrates with all Identity Providers in the hybrid environment to add a native real-time protection layer for all authentications and access attempts on-prem and in the cloud. 

Silverfort leverages this integration to perform continuous monitoring, risk analysis and real-time enforcement of Zero Trust access policies. In that manner, Silverfort provides organizations for the first-time, with the full context of all human users and service accounts behavior as well as the ability to proactively enforce MFA and block access on all the organization’s resources. This includes also legacy applications, command line access to servers and workstations, file shares, and other core resources that could never have been protected in that manner before against account takeovers, malicious remote connections, and lateral movement.


GVX Consulting is an independent business solutions provider, focused on RPA & Intelligent Automation, Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Fraud Prevention and Management, Unified Identity Protection, InsurTech, and Smart IoT within the Financial Institutions, Telecoms, and Enterprise Sectors. We simplify and consolidate business-critical systems, processes, services, infrastructure, and resources to deliver fully managed business solutions. We specialize in the architecture and management of leading-edge digital transformation solutions.

With decades of experience in the industry, we help clients with implementation change and enhanced performance through technology solutions, ensuring that their investments produce the most optimal value. We pride ourselves on our commitment and reputation for delivering successful outcomes to our clients.

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