About Us

Who We Are

Established in 2013, GVX Telecom Limited is a UK based company with a subsidiary office in the Philippines operating under GVX Consulting ASIA.  We are an independent business solutions provider, focused on Cybersecurity, Fraud Management & Prevention, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Data Management, eKYC, AML, DPA & RPA within the Financial, Telecoms and Enterprise Sectors.  

With decades of experience in the industry, we help clients with implementing change and enhancing performance through technology solutions, ensuring that their investments produce the most optimal value.  We pride ourselves in our commitment and reputation to delivering successful outcomes to our clients. 

What We Do

We simplify and consolidate business critical systems, processes, services, infrastructure and resources in order to deliver fully-managed business solutions.  We specialise in the architecture and management of leading-edge digital transformation solutions.

Our Service Portfolio Includes:


Leading your organisation’s digital transformation


Defining enterprise solutions and technical architectures


Evaluation, selection and management of your service partners


Alignment of the organisation, process and technology

Service Transition

Handover into day-to-day operations


Shaping your digital business agenda to drive growth


Turning theory into reality via executable plans


Making it happen – successful execution of the plan

Stakeholder Management

Communicate, influence and manage your key business relationships

Service Transformation Management

Driving service excellence through innovation

How We Help

We simplify the complex and stay ahead of the curve so that our clients always get the best out of the processes, network and technologies available. We work hard to fully understand the business, operating environment and aspirations of our client’s organisation, so that we can make recommendations and offer the advice, financing, service and support that meets with their specific business needs. 

Our Clients

Our clientele include Leaseline Vehicle Leasing, MP Warren and Associates (part of Zurich Financial consultants), BDO Bank, BPI and Metrobank call centre to name a few.